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Those regulations state the rules concerning shopping at our internet shop "Funkia.pl"


1. General information

1.1. The internet shop "Funkia.pl" (later called the Shop) operating at the internet address www.funkia.pl is run by AMK Komputer Andrzej Marzec company based in Sochaczewo, at 115 Chopina str., postcode 96-500. Regon 750331940, NIP 837-000-70-10

1.2. The Shop sells merchandise by means of www.funkia.pl webpage.

1.3. Accepting regulations herein and placing an order are prerequisite to making a purchase in the Shop.

1.4. A customer of the Shop (later called the Customer) is a natural or a legal person, who placed an order on merchandise by means of www.funkia.pl webpage.

1.5. The Shop reserves the right to change the contents of these regulations.


2. Product offer

2.1. The current product offer is located at the webpage.

2.2. Limited number of products is allocated for bargain sale. Orders are executed in the order of their placement up until stock depletion for merchandise for which this sale method applies.

2.3. Bargain offers cannot be combined, unless specific bargain offer conditions allow this.

2.4. All prices presented on this webpage are gross prices and contain product and service tax (VAT). Prices are in polish zloty (PLN).

2.5. Price shown by each product is binding at the moment of order placement by the Customer.

2.6. The Shop reserves the right to change prices of products offered, to introduce new products and to remove products from offer, to carry out, cancel and modify bargain offer rules.


3. Receiving and carrying out orders. 

3.1. Orders are received by Shop staff in electronic form, through order form located at www.funkia.pl webpage, through email esklep@funkia.pl, or by phone at +48 502602668.

3.2. Sales will be carried out only based on properly executed order placement. If the provided information is false, incomplete or incorrect the Seller will try to contact The Customer in order to complete or correct the aforementioned information. If such contact is not possible the Seller may cancel the sale contract.

3.3. Orders are executed on condition that the Customer provided a phone number and an email address among his personal information, which allow for order verification. 

3.4. Orders are accepted into execution at the moment when an email message is received by the Customer with confirmation that the order is accepted to be executed. Ipso facto the buy-sale contract conclusion between the Customer and the Shop takes place.

3.5. The Shop reserves the right to deny executing an order placed by a Customer, who previously did not pick up ordered merchandise, did not pay due amount on time, or when the authenticity of a placed order is dubious.

3.6. The Shop reserves the right to order confirmation by phone or by email. The order may be canceled in case of being unable to contact the Customer in 24 hours from the moment of order placement.

3.7. Accepting an order into execution takes place (working days):

a) In case of paid at delivery orders - during 3 days from order placement,

b) In case of orders paid by money transfer - during 3 days from receiving the payment on the bank account,

c) In case of orders paid by payment cards, credit cards or online payments - during 3 working days after authorization of the transaction.

3.8. In case of not receiving money for a placed order (money transfer) or lack of transaction authorization the Shop will not execute the order.

3.9. In case of money transfer or online payment, if transferred amount is less than the value of the order along with additional costs (such as delivery method and payment method), the Shop reserves the right to not execute the order until full amount is received. In case of not receiving the money transfer during 7 working days from the date of order placement, the order is cancelled.

3.10. The Customer may change or cancel a placed order altogether until it is sent out. In order to do that, contact the Shop staff by email: esklep@funkia.pl or by phone (+48 502602668).

3.11. The order will be executed on the condition that, the merchandise is in store or at the supplier. In case of part of the merchandise, on which the order was placed, being unavailable, the Customer will be informed about the state of the order and decide on the way of its execution (partial execution, waiting time extension, whole order cancelation). The Customer is informed by sending an email at the email address given by the Customer.            

3.12. Amount corresponding to delivery and payment methods chosen by the Customer is added to order value.

3.13. In case of order value exceeding 500PLN the Shop reserves the right to limit payment methods to credit card and money transfer.

3.14. The Shop issues a receipt for each order, or when requested - a VAT invoice. The receipt and VAT invoice are issued before sending out the order to the Customer. The receipt or VAT invoice is delivered to the Customer in the package along with the ordered merchandise.

3.15. Current delivery and payment method costs are presented on the webpage of "Funkia.pl" shop, on "delivery" subpage.


4. Contract cancellation

4.1. As stated by 2.03.2000 bill "O ochronie niektórych praw konsumentów oraz o odpowiedzialności za szkodę wyrządzoną przez produkt niebezpieczny” (About protection of some customer laws and responsibility for damage done by a dangerous product), the Customer can return a product bought in the Shop without stating the reason in 10 days after receiving the package. Returning is only possible when the merchandise is returned to the Shop located at: AMK Komputer Andrzej Marzec ul. Chopina 115, 96-500 Sochaczew.

4.2. In case of contract cancellation, the Customer is obliged to send back the properly secured merchandise right away to: AMK Komputer Andrzej Marzec ul. Chopina 115, 96-500 Sochaczew, along with a proper written statement. The Customer pays for the delivery in full. The returned merchandise will be accepted only if it is not damaged during transport.

4.3. The returned merchandise has to be sent back with received proof of acquisition. The Shop guarantees to pay back a sum equal to the price of the merchandise. Delivery and cash on delivery costs are not paid back. If the returned merchandise delivery was paid by our Shop, then the delivery costs (gross) paid to the delivery company will be subtracted from the price of the merchandise. Money will be paid back in 5 working days time by a money transfer to an account selected by the Customer or by a postal order to an address specified in the order. The cost of returning the merchandise is not refundable.


5.     Refunds and warranties

5.1.   Shop staff does its best for the merchandise to be free of any defects and up to Customers' expectations. Ordered products are thoroughly checked before sending out.

5.2.   All offered products are under producers' warranty. In case of any possible refund claims the Customer should at once contact the shop staff at email address: esklep@funkia.pl .

5.3.   All refund claims are accepted into implementation in 7 working days time at most, from the day of their receiving.  

5.4.   Faulty products will be replaced with proper ones, if that isn't possible (it's out of stock, for example), the shop will pay back the products value to the Customer or offer other available products in the shop.


6.      Customers' personal information

6.1.   Gathered Customers' personal information will be processed according to corresponding laws by the Shop in order to carry out the Customers' orders.

6.2. The Customer can agree to his/her personal information, given in the registration form, being processed for marketing purposes and can agree to receive commercial information from the shop owners by means of electronic communication and mail. The Customer has the right to view his personal information and to change it. Giving the information is voluntary.


7.      Other information

7.1.   Any arguments arose during carrying out commercial transactions will be settled amicably.

7.2.   If an amicable agreement is impossible to achieve, the argument will be settled by an appropriate court.